New Home on Tap: Updating Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Nicholas Sparks once wrote, “It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things,” in his novel The Notebook.  At Cox Plumbing, we think that not only should you watch the water, but also watch the faucet that holds the water.  There are many economical ways to update and

How to Keep Your Water in the Best Condition this Holiday

Chances are you’re having family and friends over this holiday season, and you want your home to be in the best shape for them. But what about your water? The condition of your water is important, and it’s important to keep it the best quality it can be for a number of reasons. If you’re

How To Properly Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running

When your belly is filled to the brim with delicious turkey and warm, gooey, mashed potatoes, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to fix your garbage disposal! Make your Thanksgiving cleanup a quick one, so you can kick back and get back to being with your family. With a few simple

Get Your Outdoor Plumbing Ready for Winter

Clearing your outdoor plumbing is very important to do before the first frost. It can help prevent costly repair bills and painful headaches down the road. Below you’ll find some basic tips to help prepare your outdoor plumbing before the cold hits this winter.   Protect Your Pipes Pipes don’t burst where they freeze, they

How to Get the Purest Water for Your Plants

  How to Get the Purest Water for Your Plants Most of us do not give a second thought to having pure drinking water. We generally believe that what comes out of the tap is safe for humans, pets, and even our plants. While this is generally true, even water in the United States is