Hard Water, Hard Day

  It’s another bad hair day. Your dry, lackluster locks have frazzled your morning routine. You attempt to dress for success but realize your favorite shirt is looking dingy these days and feeling rough as well. While tackling breakfast, you notice spots on your dishes. You grab a glass (hmm…also spotted) and pour some water

Get Started With Your Outdoor Kitchen – Install a Convenient Gas Line

Spring has arrived! (Hallelujah!) Warm weather beckons you outdoors for a barbecue. Family and friends gather on the patio. Music and laughter waft through the air. Drinks are poured. Fixings are prepped. The gas grill is hot and ready to—oh no! The grill is NOT hot. And now you’re in a not-so-hot spot. Ready to

Springtime Plumbing Tips & Maintenance

Every fall, homeowners should be winterizing their house and plumbing to prepare it for the winter months and freezing temperatures. When winter finally comes to an end and all that snow and ice begins to thaw, plumbing issues become apparent for homes that weren’t properly winterized. Here’s what you should be doing every spring to

The Importance of Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Few things compare to the frustration of a major drain clog. You may be able to loosen the clog with a plunger and a little bit of skill, but clogs that are further along in the pipes are harder to clear. Drain cleaning chemicals are toxic, and many do not reach clogs that are further

Preventing Plumbing Problems

No one likes when they discover a leaking pipe, or come home to a flooded mud room because of a pipe that burst. While we depend on plumbers to fix those big, unexpected problems, there are a few precautions we can take at home to reduce the likelihood of bigger issues happening down the road.