How to Get the Purest Water for Your Plants

Most of us do not give a second thought to having pure drinking water. We generally believe that what comes out of the tap is safe for humans, pets, and even our plants. While this is generally true, even water in the United States is laden with harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and other chemicals. Most people do not want to drink tainted water, but often do not give a second thought to what they are feeding their plants.  A reverse osmosis  (RO) filter can greatly reduce these contaminates in your water, making it safe for consumption or use on vegetation.

  • Remove contaminants – One of the primary reasons people use a RO filtration system is to rid their water of harmful contaminates.  This is true for both the water you drink or water you put on your indoor and outdoor plants. Because it removes detrimental chemicals such as iron, lead, and arsenic, an RO filter allows you to provide clean, consistent water for your gardens. It also enables you to control the nutrients and fertilizers you add to your planting beds.
  • Customizable – Do you want a RO water for just one or two faucets in your home? Select a smaller system to create purified water in just a few areas and leave other faucets free from the RO process. This means that, if you choose, you can get RO water in your outside hose bibs, but the water for your washing machine will not be impacted.
  • Easy to maintain –  An RO system basically runs itself. Simply replace the filter as directed and you should be good to go. If your system does require repairs, the experts at Cox Plumbing Company can help.  
  • Choose purification level – There are typically seven stages of RO filtration. Most systems allow you to choose how many stages you would like your system to run through. This allows you to adjust the pH of your water so plants with specific acid or alkaline requirements can get the type of water they require. Having an RO system is like having built-in rainwater for your plants.

Are you considering adding a reverse osmosis filtration system to your home? Contact Cox Plumbing Company to determine the best system for your needs.