Spring has arrived! (Hallelujah!) Warm weather beckons you outdoors for a barbecue. Family and friends gather on the patio. Music and laughter waft through the air. Drinks are poured. Fixings are prepped. The gas grill is hot and ready to—oh no! The grill is NOT hot. And now you’re in a not-so-hot spot.

Ready to ditch that propane tank? They break, malfunction or simply run out of gas at the worst times. They’re dirty, tough to transport, and a hassle to refill or exchange—wasting your precious time.

So, what does that have to do with your plumber? Well, plumbers are the pros who install and repair gas lines. (We’re not just water experts.) And if you want your outdoor kitchen to really cook, let Cox Plumbing set you up with a dedicated gas line for your outdoor stove, grill, smoker or pizza oven.

Having a gas line installed is easy and not as expensive as you might think. You may even be tempted to consider it a DIY project, but unless you’re a licensed professional, leave this one to the experts. Gas leaks may cause explosions and can even be fatal. With such a risk of damage or injury, doing it yourself is likely to cost more in the long run. Instead, rely on Cox Plumbing to do the job right:

Qualifications:  Licensed and insured, our plumbing professionals ensure that permits and inspections are handled and that required building codes are met.

Equipment:  We bring the right tools for the job, so we’re ready to fix it—no matter what flows our way!

Expertise:  We have the training and experience to solve problems big or small. When it comes to outdoor kitchen components, we know the issues to consider, from understanding yard surface conditions, to safely working with gas lines, to winterizing for Wisconsin weather.

Of course, you can’t build an outdoor oasis without throwing in the kitchen sink! Naturally, we can expertly set up running water for that. Whether you’re planning a custom-built kitchen, installing a pre-fabricated island, or just improving an existing setup, let Cox Plumbing handle your outdoor kitchen components.

And what else would complete the backyard space of your dreams? A grand outdoor fireplace with gas starter or a radiant patio heater with a dedicated gas line? Maybe you want a charming gathering place around a cozy firepit. Enjoy it even more, once we’ve added drainage below to let rainwater run through.

Call Cox Plumbing now—(262) 542-6921—to get your backyard patio ready for the season. Once you’ve experienced the friendly, reliable service from our family-owned and operated business, Cox Plumbing will be your plumbers for life!