It’s another bad hair day. Your dry, lackluster locks have frazzled your morning routine. You attempt to dress for success but realize your favorite shirt is looking dingy these days and feeling rough as well. While tackling breakfast, you notice spots on your dishes. You grab a glass (hmm…also spotted) and pour some water from the faucet, which you see has developed a crusty white scale around it. You scratch your head—because that itches, too—and wish these issues would go away!

Why not solve all those problems at once? The simple solution to hard water woes is to let Cox Plumbing install a water softener in your home. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from the water supply, with noticeable benefits.

  • Soft water eliminates mineral build-up inside pipes and appliances, reducing clogs and corrosion. Water-using appliances like the dishwasher, clothes washer, humidifier and hot water heater last longer and run more efficiently—saving you money.
  • Soft water lathers up easily, so you’ll save on soap or detergent while getting a better clean. You’ll enjoy smoother, less itchy skin; silky, more manageable hair; and softer fabrics that hold their colors better.
  • Soft water doesn’t leave soap scum on shower doors, spots on dishes or limescale on faucets. You’ll have a more beautiful home with fewer cleaning hassles.

If your water issues include rust stains in the sink or a rotten egg odor, Cox Plumbing recommends an Iron Curtain Filtration System, a patented, chemical-free treatment that removes iron and other contaminants like hydrogen sulfide. Unlike many other iron filters, the Iron Curtain is nearly maintenance-free, lasts far longer and comes in a wide range of system designs to accommodate any need—from a small home to a large business.

Let Cox Plumbing test your water quality and determine the best filtration system for your home or business. We have the expertise to handle the entire job and can make sure your water system is the most appropriate, efficient and well-maintained, providing the best, cleanest water for your needs.

Never again let hard water give you a hard day. Call Cox Plumbing at (262) 542-6921. Once you’ve experienced the friendly, reliable service from our family-owned and operated business, Cox Plumbing will be your plumbers for life!