Nicholas Sparks once wrote, “It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things,” in his novel The Notebook.  At Cox Plumbing, we think that not only should you watch the water, but also watch the faucet that holds the water.  There are many economical ways to update and upgrade your home with spending exorbitant amounts of money. If you decide to go for some updates, keep these ideas in mind:  


Brush the finish.  Brushed metal faucets (as well as showerheads and hardware) are gorgeous finishes, stylish, and best of all, easy to clean.  The most popular choices include pewter, nickel, weathered copper, bronze, and gold.  Matching the towel bars, hooks, toilet paper holder, and light fixtures for additional value is never a bad idea although you don’t necessarily have to match.  Read on:


Mix and Match. While not the first thing to come to most homeowner’s minds, mixing and matching finishes is okay – to a certain extent.  If done right, it is a great strategy for adding visual interest and depth to a space.  For example, if you have a predominately stainless steel bathroom, you can add a  copper lighting pendant or a vintage chandelier.  


Many people feel that matching metals is the best way to coordinate your home or kitchen, but in reality this often creates a monochromatic and one dimensional look.  Also, don’t go overboard.  Stick to two finishes.  A prominent tone and an accent work best.


Brass is making a comeback.  Don’t panic, we are not talking about the 1980s shiny brass that many of us grew up with!  Brush warm gold tones and aged brass is what we are talking about.  Most people are tiptoeing into this idea but it is on the horizon.  


Upgrades should be proportionate to your home. Make sure the faucets and hardware you are installing are in line with your home’s market value and neighborhood standards.  Don’t put a $1000 dollar custom high-end faucet in a starter home.  Likewise, don’t put basic chrome fixtures in a higher end home.  


No matter what your final decision is, the one thing clear is that homeowners are looking to break the mold on faucets and hardware upgrades.  The emphasis is on continuity, proportion, and dashes of individuality,  finding a way to be unique to one’s own stylings.  

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