How to Get the Purest Water for Your Plants

  How to Get the Purest Water for Your Plants Most of us do not give a second thought to having pure drinking water. We generally believe that what comes out of the tap is safe for humans, pets, and even our plants. While this is generally true, even water in the United States is

How to Kill Tree Roots with a Jetter

How to Kill Tree Roots with a Jetter Have any invasive tree root that needs to be removed? Removing tree roots can be a massive pain, but it’s a necessity when the roots are creating problems within the sewer line. Eventually, it will affect your plumbing within your home. According to gardeningknowhow, the average tree

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer Summer in Wisconsin means baseball games, grilling out, bonfires with good friends, and, of course, beer! After a long cold winter, it’s time to get your yard and outside area ready for all the fun spring and summer activities. This will take some work, but when that first warm

Spring and Summer are Nearly Here — Celebrate With Home Remodels!

After a seemingly endless winter, spring and summer are quickly approaching. Now is the time of year to plan ahead for beautiful weather, much-needed vacations, and entertaining family and friends close to home. But isn’t this also the time of year you should also consider if every aspect of your home looks and functions properly?

Frozen Pipes and Your Hot Water Heater – What You Need to Know

During Wisconsin winters, frozen water pipes are not uncommon.  However, did you know that frozen pipes can also spell trouble for your hot water heater?  Extreme cold temperatures can cause the pipes that lead to the heater to expand and contract, and even freeze. If your hot water heater is older or is located in