Water Treatments


Water Softener Installation and Repair

A water softener replaces calcium and magnesium ions responsible for creating what’s termed “hard water” through the use of sodium. There are different types of water softeners that can be installed to keep your water soft for a variety of household uses. Cox Plumbing Co. Inc will take the time to explain the advantages of each type of softener in order to help you to make an informed decision.

Hard water can leave residue, streaks, or white spots on your dishes or clothing. Water softeners condition the hard water to be less abrasive on these items. Appliances such as coffeemakers can also benefit from these systems, as their inside components won’t have to deal with buildup from the minerals normally found in hard water.

If you already have a water softener, we can analyze your softener to determine if it’s time to upgrade to a new system. We’ll determine if it makes more sense to replace your existing unit with a new unit or if a few repairs will restore the efficiency of your system. If you do need a new unit, we’ll take care of everything related to the installation process, including properly disposing of the old unit.


Iron Curtain Installation and Repair

Does your water smell? Do you have rusty or brown stains on your laundry, sinks, washing machine, and plumbing fixtures? These stains cannot be removed by soaps or detergent. Also, bleach and alkaline builders (often sodium phosphate) can make the stains worse. Over time, iron deposits can build up in water heaters, pressure tanks, and plumbing, reducing your water pressure. Cox Plumbing Co. Inc. can help!  With this system we will filter out iron and reduce rotten egg odor without the use of chemicals.


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Water quality should never be taken for granted. Clean, crisp, high quality drinking water can come straight from your kitchen sink. Reverse Osmosis is a process which removes many pollutants and contaminants from your water leaving you with worry free water whenever you want. A reverse osmosis drinking water system is one of the most efficient ways to reduce impurities in water.

Benefits include:

  • Improves taste, odor and appearance
  • Highly effective purification process
  • Consumes no energy
  • Flushes away pollutants, does not collect them
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Low production cost – gives you water of a guaranteed quality for pennies per gallon

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